The belt ranking system in BJJ varies in many aspect from other well-known mixed martial arts. As you advance in BJJ, you are expected to adapt your mindset as well as your technique. Once you pass your purple belt, some of the real challenges begin and expectations are set high. The brown belt comes next and is one of the final steps in rounding out your BJJ accomplishments. Here are some things to expect when you advance to a brown belt.


Brown Belt
Under the white, blue, and purple belts, practitioners are often still in the foundational learning stages of the sport. Upon advancing to brown belt, most are expected to begin developing their own technique and style. At this point, there are very few positions that brown belts are unfamiliar with. Your own personal touches will begin being added to your moves and you will start to develop counter attacks for the more common techniques. With such advancements you will quickly discover which moves or techniques will become your “signature” ones. These moves are typically ones that you know inside and out, with a high rate of success upon using them.


One of the main takeaways from advancing to blackbelt is a shift in focus from defense to attack. In the lower rankings, most practices consist of which defense mechanisms best contest certain moves. With a brown belt, most find themselves learning attack methods and means for submission. Through the past 3 belt rankings, a strong, definitive, defense plan has been laid in place. This will support a more successful and aggressive technique for being on offensive side of the fight.


In addition to further improving your own skill set, brown belts often take on a leadership role in their designated training facility. Most practitioners realize whether or not they have a knack for teaching the sport to others around this time. BJJ is a sport of constant learning and expansion of knowledge. Once you reach the brown belt level of the sport, you have likely obtained enough knowledge to pass on to those just starting out.


When it comes time to advance to a brown belt, Jiu Jitsu has likely become a major aspect of your life. It is a part of who you are and you likely spend many hours a week training or practicing. There are goals that brown belts still have to achieve, but at this point, other pieces of your life will become integrated into your BJJ lifestyle. From diet, to exercise outside of practicing, making the sport an integral part of your everyday is bound to happen.