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JJ Pugsley has dedicated his life to the community that he is a part of. From his Jiu Jitsu family to his fellow veterans, JJ is always striving to help people live their best life. His tactics in educating in self defense use a technique different than most. JJ Pugsley’s classes focus on the concentric rings of security and how to prevent an attack from occurring. If you are interested in taking one of JJ’s classes feel free to fill out the contact form below and he will happily get back to you! In addition to teaching, JJ Pugsley is currently pursuing a doctorate in Neuropsychology to offer support that many veterans are not receiving. He hopes to eventually open a non-profit, privately-funded, clinic to treat veterans with PTSD for free as an alternative to the Veteran Affairs Hospital. If you or a loved one have been affected by such traumatic situation, JJ is always willing and able to help in any capacity. Please reach out for any reason and JJ will get back to you as soon as possible!

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