Some parents are just looking for a way to keep their children busy, others want them to learn self-defense. No matter the reasoning, it’s a great idea to sign your kids up for jiu jitsu classes because the benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training are immense and will provide lessons that last a lifetime.


Developing Problem Solving Tools
It’s inevitable that children learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will gain valuable skills. Being in a completely new environment will help them to learn problem solving and practicing Jiu Jitsu will aid in developing their ability to do so. As they learn they’ll have to retain the moves they’ve been taught while adding the new moves that they are learning. Connecting their understandings is a great way of developing a broad type of learning that can be applied throughout their lives.


The cardiovascular workout that BJJ demands helps kids to gain core strength like no other sport. Along with the fitness routine comes a healthier lifestyle by default. Overall, children are left with more stamina and energy which are great to carry over into other sports and activities.


Discipline and Confidence
The world we’re living in is full of stimulation and children are the most susceptible to the pitfalls of that. Teaching discipline and focus are absolutely necessary. Think of them like muscles that need to be trained and used often to stay strong. While Jiu Jitsu is fun it’s also super complex and will take paying close attention to the instructor to understand what is expected. These classes improve focus and discipline, in turn, building confidence. All this translates to better individuals in school and in their personal relationships.

The environment of BJJ is fantastic for children. Classes promote equality because everyone is there to learn. When you enroll your kids in a class they will make friends that they would never have met otherwise. By learning techniques and practising drills children share in the same common experience and can evolve together.

Goal Setting
In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the goal every day is to improve each day by just one percent. It’s great for kids to have something in their lives that teaches them such drive and focus, in which they can measure their improvement and test their skills.